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Need help with baby shoe pattern!
This is what the pattern says, and I just don't understand. I have completed the sole, and this is for the top of the toe.

Knit English rib knit 11 rows. In the 12th (knit) row knit 8 loops, and then make 8 decreases, knit and purl loops knit together. Return the work and knit by shawl knitting, at the end of every row knit 2 loops together with a lateral part of a front part."

I got the the english rib down, its the 12th row I just don't get. There are 2 pictures here from the pattern, one before the 12th row, one after. Any ideas of how this could be reworded so I can finish it up?

PS, it's 31 stitches total.
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