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Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
It's actually easy. The method remains the same and doing two actually reinforces what you learn. Plus, no second sock syndrome and you finish with a pair.

If you're starting from the cuff you're cast on one cuff and knit for a few inches. Cast on the second and knit for a few inches. Go back to the first and knit down to the heel, do the same for the second. Do both heels, then take turns knitting to the toes. Do toes.

It also works for toe up.
Well, I've ordered 2 size 1 circs so I could actually try that in ML when they arrive. I also ordered a 2 at a time sock book, so I'm ready for any and all methods that will avoid the second sock syndrome. I'm still new to sock knitting, but I have a (relative) lot of sock yarn so I'm determined to make a few pairs. I know that to knitters a lot of yarn is always a relative thing.
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