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I ordered two size 1 40" from Knit Picks. I got one nickel plate and one sunstruck for 2 reasons. 1- to try them both out, and also in case I wanted to use 2 circs, I won't get confused about which one I'm on because they are different. Of course the 40 inches might make 2 circs confusing on it's own.

GG - I really don't think your feet will be too hot if you get the wool/nylon sock yarn that Knit Picks has. I haven't worn mine but they seem very light. If you don't mind a thicker sock, I'm using the Shine Sport for a lightweight sweater. It's a cotton blend. Might make an OK sock. It doesn't look like they make it in a fingering weight. Maybe a sign that it wouldn't make a good sock.....
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