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Hubby's socks....?
I've been knitting my darling husband socks since I learned to knit socks again.
He has really big feet and I sometimes absolutely dread starting another pair for him. It takes me a while to knit one sock and then I have to start another.
I'm not planning on knitting two at a time...
The thing is, the socks I knit him wear out in less than a month. We have a rough carpet in our apartment that is wall to wall and he wears his socks when he's in the house and the soles literally fall apart in no time at all. He's taken to wearing 2 pairs of socks at a time.
I knit him 2 pairs for Christmas and Now both are worn out so I'm in the middle of knitting him another pair.
Do other people have this problem? If you solved it with a different kind of yarn or something, or a different stitch or whatever... please let me in on your secret.
If this is a stupid question, I apologize ahead of time...
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