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FO: the ugliest scarf in the world gets a makeover!
The ugliest scarf in the world:

...gets a makeover:

NOTE: I hated the way the colors in this Noro Silk Gargen yarn clumped up back in 2009.
I only wore the ugly scarf once. Ugh.

Recently however, I had tried something new with another impossible Noro that also promised to turn out ugly: instead of casting on just 25-30 stitches, I cast on 216 stitches! And worked garter stitch until the two skeins were exhausted. It made the perfect scarf.

So as I frogged this blue-green-teal-black ugly scarf, I cast on 225 stitches with a US10 needle...and worked garter stitch until the 2.3 skeins were gone. I reserved some turquoise for the fringe.

While this scarf isn't the most beautiful specimen, it's at least wearable without getting sick. I do actually like it! With fringe, it's 86" long. It's 4.5" wide. It has been soaked and blocked.

Here is the other Noro scarf, also worked widewise (a few months ago) using 2 skeins of Noro Kureyon:

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