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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
I found the perfect yarn for my big feet: Sasquatch!

Those are nice. Oddly enough, I prefer solid colors for socks.
LOL on Sasquatch!

For me, it depends on the sort of sock and who I'm making them for.

Lace patterned or cabled socks - solids absolutely. If I'm taking the time to work those patterns I want them to be the focus. Socks for someone else, I always take their druthers into account.

But socks I knit for myself in stockinette, the wilder the colors the better. As a young'un I fell in love with striped toe socks when they came out, and went on to develop something of a fetish for wacky sock & shoes.

I have to admit, I was somewhat disappointed when my "Wicked Witch" arrived - the colors were much darker and don't "pop" like in the photos. But it has a scrumptious feel, and at least I'll have some luxury fiber socks that should wear reasonably well.


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