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Mistake - help!
Newbie to the forum, and I'm a guy, so please be kind!

Anyway, I just completed a baby blanket which is a "log" style pattern. Basically knitted a small center square to start, added 1st log by picking up/knitting stictches across center square, added 2nd log by picking up knitting stitches across bound off edge of 1st log, etc, etc. There are a total of 14 logs, everything is bound of and complete. Unfortunately, I discovered that back in the 6th or 7th log, there is a section about 6" long where I purled instead of knitted, and the "flaw" is very noticeable. Is there ANY way to fix this, or if not, any suggestions as to how to mask it? Ripping it all out and re-doing at this point is not an option. Thanks!
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