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Originally Posted by garichmond View Post
Last year I bought a bamboo set of circular needles, and the plastic cords break off, so it was a very bad investment- --but cheap!
Hi garichmond!
Do you recall the brand of needle you bought? I think brands really do matter in knitting. The quality and features can differ quite a lot from brand to brand.
Sorry that you had that experience.
I'm saving up for a KA brand set, so I can't yet comment on their quality but they have excellent reviews. Personally, I always rely on reviews, but I don't know if that's a good idea. Paradise Fibers is one online yarn shop that has reviews and sells sets in different price ranges. I have also heard good things about Knitpicks needles but you might want to try one of their single circulars first to make sure you like the tips on them and the cord since the interchangeables use the same. Well, that might be a good strategy for any brand.
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