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Working the Gusset
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Ballyconneely Shawl by Maggie Jackson
My goodness, I just did a google search for an image of this shawl and ran across the most foul-mouthed description of it.

The bottom rectangle of the center piece is 79 stitches wide and 36 rows in length. It is done in the Coral 2, with 3 stitches on each side worked in the seed stitch.

The main section will be wider than the bottom rectangle and it will begin with a simple ruffle, perhaps a kick pleat or a bell. I need to extend the bottom rectangle to provide the space for the overlap and the question is, do I continue with the Coral 2, which will be largely covered, or work it in a stockinette stitch?

I so appreciate everyone's help - this is a really great site
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