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Ribbing the Cuff
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Thanks for the encouragement. I suffered thru last night...and wish I could tell you that I was able to follow the directions per the cuff down 2 at a time book...but I can't. I guess I should mention that I am dyslexic...maybe that is the problem. I just can't understand how I can knit socks before then can't do it properly by magic loop.

I seemed to be always in the wrong spot compared to the I just ignored the pictures and tried it per the written directions way. I found that a little better...but then I was trying to figure out which Left of the sock the instructions was indicating...cause I was on the Right side...LOL. I learned something valuable...I do much better if I have a standard written pattern, I think.

SOOOOO I have a few questions...if directions say to pick up and knit...does that actually mean to pickup and knit each stitch...or pick up all the required stitches and THEN knit all of those required stitches?? The book shows in the glossary how to do this...which I did, picking up each stitch then knitting it with only that 1 needle. BUT the picture in the technique section shows 2 needles which confused me since my knitting companion says "pick up and knit" generally means PICK up all stitches then knit or purl per the instruction. I found by knitting backwards I could end up back in the middle of the socks to start the next step...but that only helped with the direction...not so much doing it the "right way"
Didn't help much in keeping the socks both on the same row.

I have seen knit freedom videos and they are wonderful...and actually her cast on for cuff down was quite easy (which the book directions were less than) and that is what I used and plan to use from now on. However, I felt I should go back to the book and complete the sock...since the whole purpose of this exercise was to learn how to follow a pattern as the book said. If that makes any sense at all. LOL

I feel like the socks I have almost finished are 90% not as the book was written...only cause I got too bogged down trying to make a square peg fit a round hole. So I just started knitting what looked like needed knitting in the direction that worked. SO I failed this exercise.

Gonna cast on another pair soon and will try 1 more time to follow the directions...(except for the cast on cause knit freedom's cast on is much better)...and if this is as frustrating then I am gonna go to the toe up book and try that.

I have to say that knitting 1 sock at a time is not difficult for me...but I do tend to drop stitches between my poor eyesight and the DPN's...which is why I wanted to go to magic loop socks. I went to magic loop for a lot of my hats...and it sure speed up the shaping since I didn't drop stitches.

My goal for this year is to learn new techniques so I can help my granddaughter learn to knit AND read patterns. She is 9 and finally the light went on and she understood what she was doing instead of only trying to do what her Nana showed her. I kept telling her to go to sleep and kept finding her laying in bed knitting away...till 12:30 I have got to figure out what I am doing so I can teach her the "right" way. If Nana can't follow a pattern...then I will be teaching her the wrong way.
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