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Thank you all. I found the KnitPicks sale and ordered real fast so I could beat ya'll to the best kits. LOL!

SOOOO KnitPicks is NOT part of Knitting Help? The pages are so similar that I can see why I got confused. Many a year ago...if memory serves me...I found this forum FROM the knit picks thought it was part of.

The best part of the kits is that I have my yarn choice and colors decided. YIPPEE! The amount of yarn that I have already stashed will only be known upon my death when the kids have to come clean out my sewing room....SOOOO I have tons...which is why making a decision takes longer than it does to make a project most of the time.

In my house...the rules are...kits on sale or clearance get knitted first. Reason for this is in order to plan some new projects I have to drag out the cotton bin, the wool bin the acrylic bin, the double knit/sport bin, the afghan bin, then I have to go buy some more yarn because, of course, I *think* I need a contrast color in wool and I have a contrast in wool/acrylic...then I go buy more yarn and by the time I get everything back into the bins, and back into the closet, my granddaughter comes over and *suggests* she needs another item and she wants to look in the bins. LOL! So kits get knitted first because I don't have to buy more yarn or drag out all those bins. 1 side of my closet is for yarn and sewing machines and old levi's (for a quilt or 2) and the other side is fabric and quilts. I'm at the point now where I need spacebags to store my yarn OR I have to stop buying yarn.

I won't tell you how many bags and roll arounds full of yarn that resides in my bedroom where I actually knit. If my sons knew how much yarn and fabric I have stashed under the beds and in the sewing room, they would start wondering. My grandmother was a I am very careful about my "collections" since I like to be rather neat out of fear of clutter. But it is getting a little bit hard to justify buying more yarn OR fabric.

Soooo kits on sale trumps all of those issues and I MUST rescue the poor lonely kits.
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