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Mr.Steamy got me too...not cause I wanted to see some hot guy but I was wondering who would have the nickname Mr. Steamy and what could said person be knitting. LOL!

Concerning Fabric Softner...I don't use it very much and when I do it is only a small amount...probable 1/3 of what is recommended. I make my own laundry soap...and just doesn't seem to need a lot of softner.

I do however keep a box of Bounce sheets...ORGINAL SCENT. I use it as a bug repellant on my skin and clothes...that is I rub the sheet over myself then put the sheet into my pocket. It worked as well as DEET during a terrible camping trip when the bugs were worse ever. We were miserable but we smelled good and our clothes were soft. LOL!

I don't recommend rubbing it all over your head though, unless you want extremely limp hair. Rub it all over your face and neck then on your hat. I've not used bug spray for over 20 years...but I do use Bounce.
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