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Originally Posted by spitfire View Post
Is it more difficult to crochet that it is to knit? If I don't go with the crochet pattern then I will go with this knitted pattern but with a tan bottom and brown top.
I think that could depend on whether you are talking to a crocheter or a knitter! Most people I know seem to at least favor one craft over the other. It really will depend on you. Each has its own "rhythm", if you will. Each is a skill that requires some practice to master.
Personally, I don't like crochet that much because I'm not very good at it. It's too much counting. I have to keep up with where I am in the pattern plus I have to keep with how many chains make a single or double crochet or whatever. I make big messes with crochet! In the US, people tend to think of granny squares when they think of crochet, but look up Japanese crochet sometime and you will see that it can be incredibly complex. Although I don't think those granny squares are as easy as they seem either.

To me, it looks like the patterns you have there are a little intense. But I'm crochet-impaired so you need to factor that in as well!
I think the knit pattern you have chosen will be a little challenging for a beginner, but do-able if you practice all the skills you will need on swatches first. You will need to know how to cast on, knit in the round, moss stitch, and decreasing over a pattern in the round.
If you can get the hang of those before you start the hat, you shouldn't have too much trouble.

The stitch she seems to be using is a sort of modified moss stitch. If you did a small project in regular moss stitch, that would give you your practice of cast on, knit and purl stitch, and changing up that knit and purl stitch. I still think you should do a separate swatch where you practice the decreases she calls for in her pattern. You can find tutorials on this site or elsewhere on the net by putting in those search terms. Most people have their videos available on youtube.

Since you said this will be your first project, you might want to take a look at this pattern. It can be knit flat and is all garter stitch. If you did this in the right colors, I think it would be very much like an acorn, because garter stitch has a rugged look, especially if you added one or two of the oak leaves salmonmac suggested in an earlier post. It has a pom that you could do or not. But you could also practice making the little piece from one of the crochet patterns to see if you like crochet. This would give you the practice you need in both skills.

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