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I too use vinegar for a softener as needed, but I prefer my towels with nothing because they absorb better. I don't like wasting my precious vinegar that might be needed elsewhere.

I can't tolerate much of the perfumes added to laundry, soap, and any cosmetics (which I don't use) but I really do like those facial wash clothes if I can get them unscented. While the Bounce is very scented...I think the fact the bugs are bugging me makes my tolerance to the Bounce scent higher. LOL I wouldn't be able to tolerate the scent if I wasn't in the outdoors.

I hope you didn't take that to mean I don't use soap...jI ust don't use cosmetics cause it bothers my eyes. I make my own body soap too...and the only scent I use is tea tree oil. I use it in my yearly batch of laundry soap and a slight amount in my hand soap.

I've heard that balls of aluminum foil placed in the dryer works as a softener/static cling tool. I certainly wouldn't want to try it out except on towels or sheets...but it might work.
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