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"Includes edge stitches"
I am trying to knit an American Doll skirt pattern. I thought I had followed the pattern until I got to the end and it looked nothing like the picture! I reread the pattern and it says the cast-on includes the edge stitches but makes no reference to how many stitches this means. It is strictly a knit, purl rib-type pattern with 2 increase rows, but the ribs are not lining up. I am just lost! Hope someone can help. Here's the pattern.

With green yarn cast on 52 sts (including edge stitches).
Rows 1-5: Rib 1 k, 1 p.
Row 6 (wrong side): increase for 1 st at each k stitch (adding 25 sts).
Rows 7-17: 1 k, 2 p (even rows 1 p, 2 k)
Row 18 (wrong side): increase for 1 st in each 2 k group (adding 25 sts).
Rows 19-28: 1 k, 3 p (even rows 1 p, 3 k)
Rows 29-34: garter stitch. Cast off.
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