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Thanks for all the replies!!

Originally Posted by fatoldladyinpjs View Post
The problem with the standard k2, lift one over bind off listed above is that it looks wider than your cast on edge and flares out. The cast on and bind off don't match. I do this bind off but do P2 lift over instead. The bind off matches the cast on edge and they're about the same width when you're done. You might try that. It's especially helpful if you're doing a scarf. Someone who doesn't knit won't notice it, but we knitters are our own worst knitting police.
I think I see my problem. I'm not used to binding-off lots of stitches because most of my projects are hat/sweaters that don't require much binding off. The last thing I made that I had to BO was a ribbed project, however I did not BO in pattern, so it flared out, just like you said.

This is not ribbed, thank goodness, so I guess it should be normal. Sorry! I must have been thinking of something else!

And thanks Jan and Antares for the links!

Jan: I like the sewn bind-off!! I've decided to use it, though I'm a bit nervous since the directions say to cut the tail three times the length of the project; my project is 86 in. wide!

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