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Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
That's solved by leaving some of the stitches on your needles, putting the rest on other needles. Then you can just knit without fiddling around with the scrap yarn.
The multi-needle approach sounds like a smart idea. Thank you, I'll try that.

Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
After it gets too large to be easily portable, I just work on it at home watching tv, and use something smaller to take to work with me or wherever.
Yes, I do a lot of my knitting away from the house, so multiple projects are the only way to maximize my knitting time.

Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
I dislike seaming more than working on portable pieces, and have never had it not come out the right size when I tried it on to see where I was. Perhaps you didn't know what to look for, or how to adjust it?
No, I don't know what to look for, and if I was able to see a fit problem, I wouldn't know how to fix it. I am completely missing the point there I know. At least I know that, right?
I once decided to make this pullover. I tried it on several times and it seemed to fit well enough. But when I finished it, it was too big. For some reason, I couldn't tell this when I had the live stitches on waste yarn.
Same thing with this cardigan, although I was able to figure out that it was too big and I ditched it, because what could I do but start over with a smaller size? I maybe could have saved it if I had been using a lifeline back then. Then I could have ripped back to an earlier point in the sizing. But really, I find the whole increasing and decreasing thing to form the arms and neckline to be a little complicated to mess with.
If it doesn't fit, then all I know to do is start over with a different size.
I think part of my problem has to do with blocking, since I don't really know how to block in the round well, my projects grow in a way I didn't factor in when I knit up my swatch. So I'm not able to try it on pre-block and in progress and imagine how it will fit after blocking.
Sad stuff really.

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