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Originally Posted by Rie View Post
Well, I think this is exactly my problem! All of your post actually, but especially this bit. I've been trying them on well after this point and without any criteria except that all my parts fit!
Thank you so much!

You nailed my other size problem. I always size up 2-4" on my bust measurement but I've never actually measured one of my favorite sweaters until tonight. It's a 36" which is my bust size! I can't really explain that, but it has what I would characterize as "plenty of ease". I definitely need to re-evaluate how I take my measurements!

Anyway, thanks again for such great help!
You're welcome. Many people think they need a larger size than they do. Most of my storebought sweaters measure a little less than my bust measurement; even though they're a much finer gauge they fit nicely. Knitting is very stretchy so it doesn't hurt to make a sweater with negative ease. Even a cardigan can have zero (same as your measure) or an inch positive ease and it'll still fit nicely.

You can also try on the sweater when you've done a few inches of the body to make sure you've judged your gauge and estimated finished measurement right too. But you'd have to go back to the sleeve divide to make any adjustments.
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