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How to bind off in the middle of a row
The dog sweater I'm working on has a section for creating the leg openings that has me stumped, for it requires binding off in the middle of a row.

There are 48 stitches on the row.

Knit 5, then bind off the next 4 stitches, then knit 29, then bind off the next 4 stitches, then knit across.

When finished with the row, I'm supposed to have 5 stitches at the beginning, 5 stitches at the end, and 30 stitches in the middle in between the bound off openings.

I can't get the numbers to come out right. When I bind off the first stitch, I have to knit 2 first, just like any other bind off, right? Doing so leaves me with 5 stitches, 4 bound off stitches, and 1 stitch on the other side. Do I count that 1 stitch as stitch number one when I knit the 29? And at the end of the 29 stitches, I have to knit 2 again to start the last bind off section....this continually leaves me with 6 stitches at the end instead of 5.

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