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Woo Hoo! I hope
To clarify I truly do knit left handed. I knit the stitches off the right needle to the left one. I'm also mostly self-taught.

All I can find online for pictures of the sweater are other knitters' FOs in Ravelry. The pattern itself, and an ófficial' photo are nowhere that I can find (I got the pattern from the book).

As someone quoted in an earlier post, the issue is with the shaping. Because of the way I knit, the buttoned shoulder flap is on the left shoulder (looking at the sweater) instead of on the right This doesn't matter in itself, but it does mean that the shaping directions have to be changed.

To add to that - it's the first time I've ever picked up stitches. A wonderful woman at a LYS got me started...but it was right-handed Took a while for me to understand what was wrong there..I never knit up and down before!

The good news is - I think I actually figured it all out! I've done 3 rows and they seem ok so far - way past time for bed tho so I need to finish up tomorrow.

Many, many thanks to all who responded. I think it was probably the show of support and willingness to help that allowed me to suddenly see the answer. The proverbial light bulb -I hope!
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