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Speaking as a man, but not knowing the situation there I always help out around the house and with "mum stuff" which is parenting not just for moms. My wife and I have a daughter, I actively participate in housework as well as shuttling the kid where she needs to go. Mainly it's because a relationship is a partnership, but mostly because I don't want my daughter growing up thinking it's her sole duty to wait on a man because that's what mom did.

It's not 1940 it's 2013, there are stay at home dads and moms that are sole bread winners of the house. It takes 2 or 3 people less time to clean a house than it takes 1.

Ease him into it. Have him dust or hoover, or clean up the bathrooms.

My penance for my Sunday morning rc flying excursions is to clean the bathrooms, which I think is more than fair.

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