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After months of procrastination, I found out my friend was coming back for a month, so I had to finish this afghan, and fast.

It is not quite exactly as it should be, but I am still pretty proud of it.

The backing was quite a pain, the knitting stretched while I was sewing it on, so in one corner, there is a bunch of excess knitting which I couldn't do anything about. The fleece is impossible to seam rip, esp. when you have no time. I broke a couple needles on it (sewing, not knitting! ) and my presser foot didn't like the yarn.

But it's done, and on its way back to Scotland now. It may not be perfect, but it will keep him warm on cold nights.

A note about the friend, he is a Catholic monk whose monastery is in the Orkneys off the coast of Scotland. Him coming to visit was a rare chance because his visa had expired.

Here is another picture, draped over the couch, to put the massiveness of the blanket into scale. The final measurements ended up being somewhere around 86in x 68in. A little too big for my taste!

Thanks for looking!
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