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FO: The Husband Vest
I've been knitting specifically from stash the past year. This small amount of Manos del Uruguay (Clasica Naturals) has been lingering in my stash for quite some time. I was tinkering around with it one day...trying out some ideas for a vest for myself, when my husband commented on the swatch. He loved the rustic yarn. So after a hunt, I found a pattern that he liked. He wants to wear it under his sports coat in the Winter, hoping to eliminate the need for his overcoat...and with jeans and a shirt in the Spring, hoping to eliminate a parka. You know, those inbetween kind of days.

As you may know, vests worn under a sports jacket are usually knit with dk or fingering, but he wanted THIS yarn and THIS color. He kept ooohing and ahhhhing over the density of the pattern stitch (broken rib) as I knit the vest. It's right up his alley.

He is very happy with it! And I'm happy he's happy.

He loves his buttons (no surprise there) being an outdoorsman!

Here are my Ravelry notes. The pattern is called The Professor Vest.

My outdoorsman!

The little bunkhouse he built using logs from our mountain property. He snowshoes
up to the property at the top of the mountain every winter.
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