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Originally Posted by nonny2t View Post
He looks very dapper and it looks great with a sportcoat like he wore. I had to laugh at how different our husband's are. My husband is a 20 yr Navy retired fellow, and as they say, you can take the sailor out of the Navy but not the Navy out of the sailor. He now works for the City of Memphis doing electronics for their waste water treatment plant and is about 5 years from total retirement. He is all into watching sports and into computers but thinks camping means a million dollar RV! lololol Your hubbie's pictures obviously make him an outdoors kind of guy who likes the outdoors, woods and such. Being different from each other makes the world go round and makes it terrific! I love the vest and color.
He He! You're so right! Differences make the world go 'round! My hubby has been retired for about 3 years, who's counting! Maybe it's four! He's always busy. John is a USMC, do you say "former"? He was only in for four years back in the late 60'a, early 70's.
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