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Originally Posted by ambers View Post


I am getting very frustrated with my pattern.i am ashamed to say its only a dolls pattern and I am knitting an al lin one knitted babygro. I am now onto the sleeves and the pattern says cast on 22 sts which i have done continue in gst, work 5 rows which I have done.
Then it says inc 1 st at each end of next 4 FOLLOWING 6 ROWS- 32 sts. Gst 7 rows.
I dont understand what it means can you help
I think I may have to unwind the whole project
Hi Ambers!
Don't worry that it's a doll's pattern. Small projects can be just as complicated as larger ones. I think it's always better to judge the difficulty by taking an inventory of the skills you'll need to make it, like increases, knitting in the round, picking up stitches, etc.

I was trying to find the pattern but I don't know a thing about baby clothes, so I had a hard time searching for it on Ravelry.
I think there are different Woman's Weekly mags out there, but is this possibly it? If so, this may be the website (I think) but I couldn't find a listing of patterns published in the magazine or any errata. That was a little frustrating to me because this magazine has some great patterns, especially from Alan Dart, that I was hoping to purchase.

I think knitting magazines are a great deal, because the cost per pattern is soo low. But, I have learned the hard way to let a little time pass before I try to get started on a pattern. That way I have some finished projects whose notes I can study and the magazine has had the time to post some errata. I definitely have a few war stories involving Vogue Knitting.

With the help of this website, you can rewrite the pattern in way that is easy to read and then try again. I do this with most patterns these days, even with long ones that take a while.
If you do decide this pattern isn't working for you, maybe you could try searching Ravelry for a free pattern that's similar to this one until you feel like you're ready to tackle this one again.

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