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Originally Posted by Rie View Post
This is exactly how I hold my yarn. I double wrap sometimes when I knit with slippery yarns.
And you are right about that practice bit. I have lots of wash clothes from when I switched over to continental style. For me, they were the best, because I didn't mind as much when the tension was bad. I still had a usable object at the end.

I'd been holding the yarn as I did when I crocheted, threading it through all my fingers. Made sense to me, I couldn't get English style knitting and I was trying to do Continental before I knew there was a 'real' way to knit like that. I finally tried holding the yarn the way I do now and it wasn't long before I noticed I wasn't rowing out and now sometimes I think my purls are actually tighter than my knits so I have to watch out for that! I've tried that Norwegian purl and so far it's a nonstarter for me. For now I'm going with, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I can finally knit and purl English, so I'll try the NP again, I like having more than one way to do things. I like washcloths for practicing pattern stitches too.

ETA: I find that keeping the working yarn closer to the needles and the distance between the needles and my finger holding the yarn minimized helps too, there is less yarn to tension, ergo it's easier. In fact, sometimes I *rock* my left hand to the front of the work and my index finger moves very little or not at all in wrapping the yarn. I can't do videos and don't know how to explain it better than that. I find the less I have to move my left index finger, the better. What I do might be called picking, I'm not sure.
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