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So I looked at this video, and maybe I'm dense, but I couldn't figure out why you would need 2 needles for a small item. I guess my original dilemma is solved by the Magic Loop method, and since I couldn't wait for the new KP cables and tips to come, I got a 29" circular needle at local craft store. So, in using magic loop, it doesn't really matter what size the cables are, right? As long as they are larger than 16 inches or so. I was having a hard time picturing how to join a 22" circumference on a larger needle (can you tell that geometry wasn't my best subject?) This set I got today has acrylic tips, so I'm imagining they are more slippery than the bamboo ones I've been using. I tried metal ones, and they gave me the "skeeves;" when the tips cross it's like fingernails on a chalkboard.
I also picked up more yarn today, and am imagining DH's chagrin that I am suddenly accumulating yarn like a squirrel getting ready for winter. Perhaps we'll need a separate storage shed for it all? LOL.

Also ran across the thread about credit card hacking with KnitPicks, but I used PayPal, so hopefully I am OK as far as that goes.
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