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Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
Frankly I wouldn't use a 12" circ. the needles are very short and it's not really comfortable to use for many people. The needles themselves have limited use, too. You can use any circular method instead...DPN, 2 circs or magic loop. My preference would be magic loop.
Needles that spin independently of the cord help with this enormously. There are also asymmetric 9" needles at paradisefibers. These allow the tips to line up easily. Personally, I really like these.
However, I could see them being hard for someone who is used to being able to hang on to the needle with their entire hands like when using a straight needle. I felt this way at first but now they actually help my right hand relax because I can't grip in that ham-fisted way that I'm used to with longer needles.
I like these so much now that I always look for a chance to use them.
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