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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
Would you please link to the thread? I don't know how I'd go abut finding it. I had fraudulent activity on my acct. and don't know how it happened. Maybe the dates will coincide. TIA
Yikes! I've just been reading up on the link she posted and it's not good news. I'll have to double check with Mr. Rie, but I will probably cancel my card just in case. My credit union has changed their rules regarding what they will and won't cover when a number is stolen.
Mr. Rie's card number was stolen from a gas station pump by a gang that got hundreds of people's number in one or two nights. They install super thin readers inside the pump's reader and so it's really hard to know what's what.
Anyhoo, our bank told him that was his one-time fraud reimbursement and they wouldn't give him back any money next time. Most of the approximately $2000 in charges happened online in a matter of minutes originating from computers in Russia. Strange how the world works, huh?

I have been meaning to start using a gift VISA card system for online purchases and just haven't done it yet. Yeesh, I always learn my lessons the hard way.
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