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Originally Posted by jinxnit55 View Post
When i first started buying stuff online, i would send 2 separate emails w/ half the credit card info on one and half on the other. then I started using PayPal, and most sites will take that. i haven't heard of any problems with them (yet!) Computer hackers get ever more clever, don't they? When I'm at the ATM I always try to shield the keypad with my hand in case there's a teeny camera somewhere, but you can't think of everything. Where there's money involved, crooks will spend endless effort in order to think of ways to get it.

I always shield with my hand when I enter my PIN. It amazes me that more people don't do it. Anyone standing near you could see what your PIN is and there are cameras all over that crooks could look at and get PINs to connect with card useage. We all need to be more vigilant and aware.
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