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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
Thanks for the link. I don't have KP store my card info but I don't think they will let me remove my name and address. Over at ravelry they were saying how the KP customer service had gotten to be not so great. I don't know if KP was where the breach occurred that allowed fraudulent use of my card but at least the bank was quick on the draw and realized the use was out of pattern for me and declined a number of charges, the ones that did go through were refunded as soon as I submitted the required form. Maybe I'll email KP and tell them that as I believe their site was at fault and they didn't notify me I have no intention of ordering from them again. When this happened before I never found out how my acct. number was stolen and at that time I never had ordered online. Lovely world we live in.
It is frustrating. The way KP handled this has annoyed me a little, but at the same time I feel kinda sorry for them because they are fighting a losing battle against very determined gangs who make billions a year on thousands of these scams. Some of these chuckleheads are building their skills for the big leagues or helping to fund such organizations. It's all very dire.

I think it may have been someone on this site who gave me the idea, but tomorrow I'm going to start using a gift card VISA for every transaction. My credit union sells them inside. I don't think there is much reason to continue to work from my checking account anymore. I have a few things that are directly drafted, but the CU says they can fix that. Yay!

I think my yahoo account has also been hacked because I got a message saying I can no longer send emails without typing in a special code because of suspicious activity on my account. I checked my sent messages and nothing weird has been sent from my account, but its still an unnerving thing to have happen. I'm not sure I like the internet right now.
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