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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
Warnings of suspicious activity make me wary. The call I got from my bank was recorded, I thought it was a phony call to get me to give out info and so checked w/my local branch. Found out it was valid. I'd just looked at my acct. online that morning and all was well was why I suspected a phishing scam with the call from the bank. The reloadable VISA seems like a good idea. My concern is what charges are associated with the use of one? I'll have to look into it. I tend to use cash for a lot of local purchases, I only use bank ATMs. Even they aren't 100% safe. I do use my card for gas. Maybe that's a convenience I should forgo.
I got a Verified By VISA phishing email last week informing me that my card had been suspended. It looked so real that I called my bank. They told me that Verified By VISA is real and most retailers online are moving toward working with them, but that the email wasn't real. I *almost* clicked that link. My credit union also said they would be happy to help me establish an account with Verified By VISA. They are really super helpful about online security and I need to start taking them up on it, because I'm a little too thick for this mess.

As far as card prices go, again I'm very lucky that I'm with a credit union. From their website:
"Applicable Fees and Charges: The fee for issuance and handling of each card purchased online is $2.50. The total cost of the cards will be debited from the account you select. After the twelfth (12) month of inactivity a $1.00 fee will be assessed each month until all funds on the cards are exhausted or activity resumes. If your VISA Gift Card is lost or stolen, an $8.00 replacement fee will be deducted from the remaining balance to be applied to the replacement card."
To me, that's a great deal. I hope your bank doesn't charge you too much.

Mr Rie would tell you to always pay cash at the pump unless you have one of these gift cards. He still hasn't recovered from getting scammed. Don't mess with a man's ride I guess.
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