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Originally Posted by mojo11 View Post
Hiya Hiya makes stainless circs as short as 9", but I cringe at how short the tips would be. Having big man-paws I even find the tips on 16" circs a bit clumsy. (Of course that has nothing to do with my coordination you understand...)
Try out the Crystal Palace circulars at Great Yarns. I think the ladies there might have one or two floating around that you could sample. Crystal Palace needles spin independently of the cord just like KA does. This helps *alot*. The only problem with Crystal Palace is the price point. KA is about the same price as Knitpicks, but with much better craftsmanship (not knocking Knitpicks - KA is Japanese made). The asymmetric tips on the 9" circulars also make a big difference, but it's still a short needle. I wish they made asymmetric 16" needles for us large-handed people.
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