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Originally Posted by mojo11 View Post
Oh wow, small world eh? I only live about a mile and a half from Great Yarns. Wonder if we've ever bumped into each other there and didn't know it. Wendy and I were just there last weekend... Saturday? No, Sunday... What day did it snow? Wendy works out of that store and Yarns, Etc. in Chapel Hill (owned by the same person) so I know most of the staff at least by sight, if not by name. If you're ever in Chapel Hill, you oughta check out Mary's other store on Elliot Rd. It's bigger and has a slightly bigger selection, including some "locally grown" yarns from Three Waters Farm. And if you get a chance to get out to Chatham County, check out Belleau Wood Alpaca Farm. They sell direct, Three Waters does too, but only at the Carrboro Farmer's Market on weekends.
Yeah, I've been meaning to get out to the Chapel Hill store for a while now. Thanks for the tip about Three Waters and Belleau Wood! I had no idea that we had local yarn producers in the piedmont. I hope they do tours of the alpaca farm. I would to pet an alpaca!!
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