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I am (loosely) using a pattern from ravelry. I used it just long enough to figure out the decreases, and the first thing I finished was a very simple baby hat with garter stitch for the first inch and 1/4, then stockinette stitch and simple decreases for the rest. I knit that first one on circular needles. Then I wanted to make a hat for my son, so I just cast on a few more stitches and "eyeballed" it. It turned out fine. I made another slightly larger one for DH. Note that I was sewing flat on the circulars, sewing up the sides. Purling a lot, too, and the idea of joining the work and not having the seam and all the purling is what has brought me to this point.

Obviously this yarn isn't behaving the same, so I will look for a pattern w/ similar yarn. I liked the original pattern because there were no "dreaded" dpns involved, biut some of those are coming in the mail; decided I would have to suck it up and learn to use them. So I guess you could say that right now I am just experimenting, really, to get the hang of new techniques.

Patterns are obviously important, so I need to stick with them. I am the kind of person who never follows the recipe, but I will have to toss that attitude with knitting, I can see.

Now, with the
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