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Originally Posted by Rie View Post
Yeah, I've been meaning to get out to the Chapel Hill store for a while now. Thanks for the tip about Three Waters and Belleau Wood! I had no idea that we had local yarn producers in the piedmont. I hope they do tours of the alpaca farm. I would to pet an alpaca!!
Well you're in luck. Belleau Wood does in fact do tours of the farm. Three Waters, not so much, but it's run by one couple with maybe a few part-timers pitching in and they just don't have the people to do tours. Seems like there are other alpaca/sheep farms around too (Hillsboro mabe?), those are just the closest ones I can think of. The other thing you may have missed is the Fiber Fest that happens in conjunction with the annual Ag Fest at the fairgrounds. That usually happens sometime in May. It's a downsized version of what the State Fair was originally intended to be.
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