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Adding New Stitches in Middle of Row
I did a search and cannot find an answer to my question.

The next part of my pattern (in the blasted dog sweater I've been working on forever) is thus:

(starting with 40 stitches on the needle):

P2, K3, turn; add on 4 sts loosley, turn; K3, P24, turn; add on 4 sts loosely, turn; K3, purl across: there should now be 48 sts on the needle.

Ok. In the directions it refers to on adding new stitches, it says "If you are adding new stitches in the middle of the row, you must begin by turning your work around so the needles are reversed. Knit first stitch on left needle, do not slip old stitch off needle. Insert left needle onto loop just worked from front to back and slip onto left needle. Then, if you added stitches in the middle of the row, turn your work again and proceed across the row."

Is this the same thing as casting on in the middle of a row, or picking up stitches? I have looked and looked for a video that shows exactly what this is talking about but I can't find anything like it.

When it says to turn the first time, I'm literally flipping the work around, like I'm going to work backwards, right? And then after adding the stitches, the 2nd turn is to flip it back the "right" way, correct? I'm so confused.
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