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Another Pattern Question
Cast on 9 sts.
1st row: (RS). (K1. yfwd) 8 times. K1. 17 sts.
2nd and alt rows: Purl.
3rd row: K1. (yfwd. K2) 8 times. 25 sts.
5th row: K1. (yfwd. K3) 8 times. 33 sts.
7th row: K1. (yfwd. K4) 8 times. 41 sts.
9th row: K1. (yfwd. K5) 8 times. 49 sts.
10th row: As 2nd row.
Cont in same manner, inc 8 sts on next and every following alt row to 89 (97-97-105) sts.
Place marker at end of last row.

My problem is after the 10th row....
What does that mean...
I looked up inc and on the site I got the pattern from it means to
increase 1 stitch by knitting into front and back of next stitch
but where do I do that.....
I am so confused....
Reading knitting patterns is so different from crochet patterns....
I can read those easily...
But this....
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