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Help with knitting pattern ?
I'm having a little trouble understanding the neck portion of this sweater. I get stuck at the part with the asterix. The directions confuse me a little bit, any help is appreciated.

Divide sts from pieces on four double pointed needles size 9 mm / US 13 as follows:
stomach sts on one needle (= needle no 1), back sts evenly distributed on three needles.
Work rib over sts on 1 and stockinette sts over back sts at the same time as on first round pick up 1 new st each side of needle.no1 (in-between back and stomach pieces).
Work next row as follows: *work the 14 (14) 22 (22) sts on 1, turn piece and work 14 (14) 22 (22) sts back in rib, turn piece again and continue around the whole round*.
Repeat *-* on every 3rd round a total of 2 (2) 3 (4) times.
Then continue in rib around all sts and on first round dec over sts on back so there are a total of 36 (40) 44 (48) sts on the needles.
Continue for approx 5 (7) 8 (10) cm/2" (2 3/4") 3 1/8" (4").
Bind off loosely.

Thanks for your help !
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