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I'm making socks, attempt #237 to make it work!
Ok, so I have started with my first pair of socks. I think I have it started ok. I started using size 3 crochet thread because my previous attempts with sock yarn were making it untwist and bugger it up. The crochet thread seems to be working ok and hasn't gotten splitty.

As far as increasing, kfb basically is putting one continental knit and one "picking" knit stitch all in the same stitch?

My toe area looks a bit boxy, could it be because I didn't pick up my edge stitches quite right? It almost gives the appearance in crochet in the round through the back loops to make a basket.

Are socks easier on circulars than DPN's? I'm using the dpns now, and they were quite clumsy at first, but I'm getting used to them a bit and it seems to be going a bit quicker.

I will probably have more questions as I progress through the pattern, right now to read the heel it isn't making much sense. Maybe actually doing that portion of the pattern will be better than reading through it. It talks a lot about wrapping and unworked stitches, and wrapping in knit fashion.
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