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Originally Posted by vaknitter View Post
It was interesting to see your post b/c in a google search to occupy myself while I "Ferberize" my youngest son (7months) I found some sites saying that coconut oil is my ticket to a full nights sleep. There were talking about it being in solid form though...more like shortening that would be stirred into cereal at mealtime. Is there a liquid form too if you are putting it in coffee?
It's all solid below 75 degrees or so because its not hydrogenated. What I do is put a couple teaspoons in my cup with a few oz of coffee, stir to melt, then I use my small frother to emulsify it a bit and add the rest of the coffee. You don't have to froth it though. I didn't at first either. It does puddle up a bit without it though.

Start slow with just a teaspoon in a cup to two till you see how you like it and how your body reacts. I drink two cups with about 2-3 tsp now.

I am sleeping better most nights now, but I don't know if it's all the CO or just a lucky break. Time will tell. I still take a sleeping pill, but many nights I only need half and I'm sleeping solid for 6 hours which is new and so nice!

Also... I didn't like the taste of coconut in my coffee. I buy Jarrow Formula expeller pressed and is neutral in flavor. I usually buy it at Sprouts, but but it on amazon last time.

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