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Originally Posted by Lizars1735 View Post
Thanks for the message. I've got a lot of bright red and yellow yarn, so sign me up for something where those colors will work.
Originally Posted by salmonmac View Post
I'll be happy to join either of the blankets that are still in need of knitters too. Thanks for coordinating these projects.
Originally Posted by maryknitwit View Post
Put me down for whichever blanket you want. I've almost finished a pair of gloves as a prize for a friend's blog contest and I'll be ready to work on another project. I have way more yarn than anyone ought to be allowed to have.

If you want to be added to more than one blanket, let me know, but for the moment I'm adding everyone to the first blanket:

Tentative, order To Be Determined:

Collie Cuddle (unthemed, any color, beginning with taupe and autumn colors):
1. Katie/sakurapanda
2. Susan/susanuehl
3. Lizars1735
4. salmonmac
5. maryknitwit

1. KristinMei

Currently "in the wild":

Into The Forest (unthemed, any color):
1. Susan/susanuehl
2. ZoseyPosey
3. sakura-panda <-- Currently knitting
4. KristinMei
5. salmonmac

Color isn't important with any these blankets -- the animals aren't fussy -- except to those of us that like to have an excuse to buy a new skein or two.
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