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Originally Posted by Antares View Post
A true one-of-a-kind masterpiece for a huge little fan--and may the Angry Bird folks find something else besides THIS to go be angry about!

Bravo, Mojo, goodo jobo! (Sorry, it started and I couldn't make it quito! STOP it!)
There was, once upon a time, a pattern on Ravelry and I was hot to buy it because it was better than any of the others I'd found. But nowhere on the Ravelry page was there a link to be found or any other indication of how one might purchase this fine knitting pattern. So in the fullness of time (actually just a couple of days) I emailed the designer to inquire as to its availability. And regrettably, the makers of the Angry Birds video game took exception to this work and not for nothin' would they license it for sale.

Rovio was brilliant to give away a game that became a craze and then cash in on the marketing that it created though I suspect there was a fair bit of luck involved as well. It seems to me that you can make Angry Birds items as much as you want as long as you don't sell them; you can give away patterns and the things you've made as long as no profit is involved. I guess if someone wanted to put together a kit and sell the yarn but included the pattern for free it might be allowed. Selling the pattern would be the big no no. Copyrighting an Angry Birds pattern wouldn't be possible either. At least there can't be a copyright infringement for you to deal with. Just never, ever sell an Angry Birds item. Could you charge for your time to make it? I'd seen that pattern and considered buying it but had figured out that selling the pattern was going to be a violation of something and didn't even try. I wonder if the Angry Birds folk will frequent craft sales and such to watch for someone to pounce on.
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