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Back again!

I'm getting ready to "Shape Instep" for my socks. The pattern reads...

"SHAPE INSTEP (RS): Pick up and knit 12 sts along left side of Heel. K26 for instep. Pick up and knit 12 sts along right side of Heel. Knit first 7 sts from heel onto end of 3rd needle. 64 sts are now divided as (19, 26, 19) sts."

Can someone explain this a little for me? I worked back and forth on the single needle (for shaping the heel) like Salmonmac and GrumpyGramma said. That section is, of course, longer than the rest. Does "picking up" the 12 stitches along the left side of the heel mean that I will knit into the sides of the stitches on the left edge of the longer heel section (the one I've been knitting on)? And if so, am I correct in assuming I "spread" the stitches out, picking up a total of 12 mostly evenly spaced? I vaguely remember doing something like that on a baby cardigan I made a while back.

I hope all that makes sense (and that I can remember how to do this again when it's time to make the match for this sock)!!!

Thanks again,
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