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Originally Posted by Antares View Post
Will you do the top-down, seamless, set-in sleeves?

(Boy, we're a nosy bunch, aren't we?)

First, will I do sleeves? I dunno. I have to get past trying it on after the front bands are done to see if I'm going to go on. If I don't frog it then I'll decide whether to do sleeves. I have lots of yarn so that's not a deciding factor. I've thought about doing a seed stitch band around the armholes and just leaving it sort of a cap sleeve. If I do sleeves I'll pick up and knit them in the round, so I think that means they'll have to be top-down. I'm thinking a shawl collar but the only one I've done wasn't one I want to do again, I have to do some looking and learning to see if there isn't another way to do it. That one involved picking up stitches along the back of the neck and then casting on stitches later to extend the length of the collar and seaming the thing at the end. I want to avoid seaming. I've knit front and back together, no side seams, and used a 3-needle bind off for the shoulders. I do have to seam the sides of the pockets--for the bottom I did kfb and held the pocket sts on a holder till I got up as high as I wanted the top of the pocket, went back and knit the pocket and then k2tog to join the pocket sts back into the body of the sweater. I need to see how to pick up a stitch on the front of the sweater at each end of a pocket row to knit it into place as a I go. I saw something about patching a sock heel that involved using a stitch from the sock and think that method should work. Next time.

(Yes! we are! Thanks for asking. You got me started and Ididn't want to stop. )

I got a Tunisian crochet hook from KP to go with my interchangables and used it to pick up stitches for the front band. Love it! It made it quicker and easier for me.
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