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Struggling with wrap and increase
Hi all

Just a quick question, after looking at this pattern for hours and leaving it for days, I now want to get it finished so Im online asking for help lol

This is probably really simple but I cant get my head around it lol

OK So I am using Sirdar pattern 9134
Sorry cant post links yet

Have done so well to this point (not an expert knitter )
At the Right front border and collar

Next row: Rib 17, wrap 1, turn
4th row:Rib to end
5th row: Rib 20, wrap 1, turn
6th row: rib to end

This I understand, albeit the first time I have wrapped in knitting

The next set are the ones that are getting me

Work 30 rows more as before working 3 sts more in each wrap 1, turn

Soooo....... am I right in thinking next row should be

Rib 23, wrap 1, turn
next row: rib to end
Next Row: Rib 26, wrap 1, turn
Next Row: rib to end ....etc ?

Sounds so simple but I just wanted to check first before I have a go lol

Hopefully some light through the fog from you experts lol

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