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On a quest to find the mystery yarn!
Hello all!

This is my final desperate attempt to figure out what brand this yarn is!

My mom bought me the book Visual Quick Tips Knitting for Christmas and it has been my go to guide for all of my knitting questions. However, there is a particular kind of yarn used in this book and I am at my wits end with my quest to try and figure out what brand it is!

For those of you that have the book, it is the light red yarn used to demonstrate how to cast on on pages 14-17. It is like no yarn I have ever seen before! It isn't fuzzy and looks like a solid, dense strand. You can't see any kind of fiber twisted into it. From looking at the pictures of different blends of yarn, I have reason to believe that it is an acrylic wool blend, but I could be wrong.

I have looked through all 4 of the websites she has listed in the book as to where all of her yarn was provided, but I have had absolutely no luck.

If anyone can help me at all I would be forever in your debt!

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