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Hi Everyone – I am new to this site, I joined about a month ago, and felt like it was time for me to introduce myself. I took a knitting class about seven years ago and made a seed stitch scarf in a Noro wool, which my husband wears to this day. I have knitted mostly hats and scarves.
Knitting for me had been on a hiatus for quite a while, I had learned how to cast-on using the long tail technique, and had even forgotten how to do that, so I suppose it had been a while since I had picked up my needles.
This site is wonderful – I feel like it has the soul of a teacher. People here are so helpful and funny too. I have certainly had a few chuckles reading some of the forum posts.
I am a recent transplant to this area – my husband’s job moved us to Winston Salem, North Carolina from Santa Fe, New Mexico about a year and a half ago. We still have our home in Santa Fe and I make trips back there; the next one is coming up soon. I have a LYS there that I adore, two sisters own it and their shop is decorated with items that they have knitted; it is a joy to visit and a highlight of my trips out.
I am currently working on swatches of stitch patterns. In time I will begin a shawl; in a previous post salmonmac had suggested I try connecting my swatches to test out the transitions between them. When I did this I discovered that the stitches weren’t going to work together. I have come up with a combination of three patterns that I really like together, but not for this shawl, so I continue swatching and blocking.
I will have limited access to the internet in Santa Fe, so I look forward to visiting this site when I return. Hopefully I will have pictures to post by then. I really appreciate what you have put together here.
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