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Well okay then... my daughter now 13 has taken Ballet classes since she was 3 yrs old. Jan and Feb is "audition season" for numerous schools and companies across the country for summer dance Intensives. Ballet schools small and large hold auditions all over the country. She had never tried out for any before but just doing such an audition seems like a good learning experince experience--strange studio, different instructor, see how good other dancers are.. Our busy schedule only allowed her to try two. Anyway..we were very thrilled and excited when we found out she was accepted to the Bolshoi Ballet Summer Intensive! Just trying out for them seemed a bold thing to do because of their stellar reputation among dancers.

For those not up on things in ballet the Bolshoi is one of the oldest and finest ballet schools in the world and has produced some of the worlds best dancers. The Intensive is small and exclusive. Not all those who audition get in by any means and hundreds of students tryout. So this is a very special honor we are surprised and thrilled. The Intensive is in the US but the same teachers that train students at the actual Bolshoi in Russia will be teaching here. So it's an awesome opportunity.

So onto the shameless fundraising. We are using this crowd funding site:

to raise some money to help defray the costs. Small and exclusive also means very expensive. My son filmed and edited the video my daughter did the content. I only supervised and made minor suggestions that they mostly did not listen to. It's a beautiful collaborative effort of my kids, daughter in front of the camera and my son behind it.

If you'd like to donate any amt--even just a few dollars, we'd be very grateful. But if not another way to help if you are so inclined would be to Tweet it to your followers or like it on Facebook or email it to friends/family might find it interesting.

Thanks for reading and taking an interest.
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