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Originally Posted by maryknitwit View Post
The last person donates to an animal shelter near them, right? I'm looking around for shelters in my area for when the Collie Cuddle blanket finally gets to me. I may end up mailing it to a shelter in Little Rock, but I'll see what I can find in Conway.

By the way, what yarn is used for Collie Cuddle?

Yes, the last person donates and then starts the next blanket. If you have trouble finding a shelter or would prefer to not donate, let me know. I just threw everyone's name up in the order they signed up and was waiting to make sure everyone was willing to work on that blanket before I assigned spots.

We are using acrylic yarn on Collie Cuddle, worsted weight, two strands held together. I am planning to start it with one each of Vanna's Choice and Red Heart Super Saver, if that helps.

I'm slacking as I now have two blankets and am not working on either. I'm taking a break from knitting (except on these since I can do these pretty quickly) but it seems I went too far because I forgot I'm supposed to be working on them.

I will get started on them either tonight or tomorrow night and get at least one of them in the mail early next week.
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